Tampa News Force Live!

The Fringe Theatre

BYOB ~ 60min ~ Pay What You Can

Clark Brooks and his retinue of comedy folks have been much loved at every festival. Now joined by original TNF founding member Josh Santos and a motley crew of special guests, you can catch them on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 8pm, in The Fringe Theatre - 1624 E 7th Ave, Ybor. $5

TNF publishes comedy content daily at http://tampanewsforce.com as well as producing films, video sketches, live shows and more. TNF has provided a creative platform for more than 60 local comedians, performers, and writers.


60 mins


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The Fringe Theatre

Other Performances:

November 29, 2023 8.00pm

Full(or suggested if Pay What You Will): $10 (PWYW)


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